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Un Amico in Cielo

Letizia Mariotti

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Letizia is a primary school teacher in Tuscania (VT).


She did not escape the proposal of her family to sing and record a song born at home between piano, keyboard, electric guitar and microphone, with the involvement of her husband and by his son Pietro.


The Catholic-inspired song "HERE IS, THE CONVERSION" was born, which was then selected with the first twenty-four among over two hundred evaluated and will be presented at SANREMO at the first edition of SANREMO FESTIVAL DELLA CANZONE CRISTIANA from 3 to 5 February 2022.                           

A new FESTIVAL held on the same days as that of the Ariston and which promises to enhance Christian music in Italy as well as it already happens elsewhere, from the point of view of St. Augustine who said. ..... 'he who sings prays twice '.

Never as in this case therefore, the important thing will be to participate and not win. This beautiful initiative, which involves the Diocese of Sanremo and Ventimiglia directly in the person of S.E. Mons. Suetta Vescovo of Sanremo.

Letizia sang as a girl in amateur theatrical companies in musicals written by Tony Cucchiara, as a soloist in ' STORIE DI PERIFERIA 'and as a chorister in ' CAINO E ABELE '; she also participated as a chorist in the recording of the album by Don Giosy Cento entitled 'MAN, GOD OF MY LIFE ' for Santa Maria De


which includes the song 'I WOULD LIKE TO BE A GREAT TREE '. Today she sings in the parish choir and coordinates the oratorial company of Teatro Musicale with her husband dedicated to his son Paolo (www.paolofornai.org); this Company was born in 2018 and brought to the stage unreleased and self-produced MUSICAL such as 'KAROL IL GRANDE ', 'SANTO PIO ' and, forthcoming, 'I WOULD TAKE


THE SKY ' on Our Lady of Sorrows and on mothers who, like you, have lost a son or daughter. Www.paolofornai.org

The song “ECCO, LA CONVERSIONE ” was created to allow the active participation and full support of the “Sanremo Festival della Canzone Cristiana 2022 ” by the family of Letizia, Sergio and Pietro Fornai and indirectly by the “Compagnia di Teatro Musicale

Paolo Fornai ” coordinated by the former. Who sings prays twice ”.The content of the song that is presented at the Festival aims to emphasize the opportunity that occurs during one's existence thanks to the

action of the Holy Spirit, often in the most difficult moments of life, to grasp the assistance that comes from Heaven to truly renew oneself and to embrace Christian love without re Knowing how to recognize and grasp that moment is truly a matter of eternal life. In the darkest moments of

one's existence, sometimes one ends up turning one's back on the
Eternal Father for good but, LOOK, that moment can be instead for all the true beginning of the CONVERSION, of the liberation, of the transformation and of the Resurrection in Christ. Knowing how to look beyond the problems, beyond the
reasons, beyond the uphill road means starting a path parallel to the earthly one; a road without asphalt that runs rising in ascent towards the Father who is in Heaven, in the awareness that today's crosses are rungs that help to climb the stairway towards Eternity. CONVERSION invites those who find themselves in difficult situations

to look beyond, to look up there, shifting every weight on the hands of the Father; It is an invitation to raise your head and notice the equally difficult fears and moments that many other brothers and sisters with whom we can shake hands and open ourselves to the infinite love of God, and then HERE IS the exhortation to put totally available

our life for Him, our Father, looking up there with faith, looking at eternity, looking at that dimension where we will be able to meet once again our loved ones who have preceded us, through Jesus The family of Letizia, Sergio and Pietro experienced

the death of a son and brother, Paolo Fornai, very young and very active among young people, in Catholic scouting and in various parish and musical activities; this family has experienced like so many other families in the world … … …. the blackest darkness.


The blackest black there is!


The hope is to continue together as a family, together with others who want it, to climb that ladder that leads to scrutinizing every day a Light, hope … .. love. But how high are the steps … .. what a

suffering! The “Compagnia di Teatro Musicale Paolo Fornai ” is bringing in this period its own and new musical, original and unpublished, on Our Lady of Sorrows and on all the mothers who have lost a son or daughter titled I WOULD TAKE DOWN THE SKY.

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